In the 1960s, the name Mark “Hoss” Amans was known for being the most famous road manager in the United States. He was in trade magazines, on TV shows, and received fan mail. His popularity even got to the point where he had to deal with fans and their mania wherever he went, just like the rock stars he worked with. As Amans looks back, he realizes how he had once lived the life of the rich and the famous. After eighteen years on the road working with top American and British groups, and having the business almost kill him a few times, the author definitely has a very unique story to tell.  

Where The Action Was tells the true-life story of groups starting out, and the excitement of making it all the way to the top. It covers all the bases; from recording sessions to hysterical fans to being on the road to the inner workings of sound and stage equipment. Moreover, it gives readers an idea of the fun, the hard work, the excitement, the danger and the responsibility of touring.

If you are a baby boomer and you liked rock and roll
in the 60’s and 70’s you are going to want to read this book.